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01 June 2007 @ 01:43 pm
First post, presentation  
Hello, I'm Gimpyhair

Some people might already know me, I'm often active in the Eureka Seven fandom. It's such a great show, I love it! If I watch one episode, I can't stop myself: I just have to watch one more, and one more and... It never stops... And I love Dominc and Anemone, they are... funny... kind of... Hehe, let's say cute. And I'm so in love with the manga, I've just read Volume 5, hell, that was so good! I think it's even better than the anime.

I also like Inuyasha, althrough I'm not as obsessed as before. I read the latest chapters released. I love Miroku and Sango, and what's happening between them in the recent chapters is so exciting, and sad... Anyway, you will have to read to find out.

Anyway, English is not my first language, my biggest problem is with the verbs, but I do my best. Sorry about that, but at least Starzki helps me with that, as always...

What I do to contribuate in fandoms are drawing, writing fanfiction and participate in developing a website (Eureka Seven Extreme). I decided to join livejournal mostly because I want to share graphics such as avatars of my favorite show. I don't think I will do more than this here, since I already contribuate in many other ways for fandoms around the web.

Current obsessions:
Eureka Seven
Harry Potter

Favorites relationship (love, friends, rivality etc...):
- Miroku-Sango
- Inuyasha-Miroku (friends)
- Kagura-Kohaku (partnership)
- Inuyasha-Kagome-Miroku-Sango (friends)
- Mushin-Miroku's family(friends, family)
- Miyatsu-Naraku (rivality)

Harry Potter:
- Ron-Hermione
- Harry-Ron-Hermione (friends)

Eureka Seven:
- Anemone-Dominic
- Dominic-Renton (friends-rivality)
- Eureka-Anemone (friends)

My Deviantart account: http://gimpyslair.deviantart.com/
My Fanfiction.net account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/846197/
Often active here: http://eureka7extreme.net/
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
Current Music: UVERworld